Gender-based violence (GBV) in the workplace, or bullying is a manifestation of the power imbalance between men and women. GBV is sometimes interchangeably used as male chauvinism. GBV in the workplace can take on diverse forms, including:

  • 1-Spreading malicious rumours about an individual or a group2-Making offensive jokes or remarks,3-Socially excluding or isolating an individual

    4-Trying to tamper, hide, or destroy with a person’s work equipment or personal belongings,

    5-Invading a person’s workplace  or privacy (phone, emal, password etc)

    6. Public ridicule or discipline.

    10- Misuse of authority, for example Constantly changing work guidelines, suppression information, setting impossible targets or deadlines, setting a person for failure, blocking job applications, leave applications, training, or promotion deliberately,Verbal threats or abuse,

Gender violence has a clear negative impact on the workplace, as it causes absenteeism, low morale, drop in productivity, job insecurity, unmet potentials, spoiling the brand  and misuse of company resources etc. Instead of being passive to the on going menace, organisations must develop strategies to deal with it.

Below are simple tips for dealing with the problem:

1.Implement diversity training in the workplace to create awareness about what is acceptable and what not

2.Ensure an inclusive workplace, where diversity is valued, openness and transparency are embedded into the work culture

3.Ensure equal pay for all irrespective of gender

4.Implement an effective employee feedback system where staff can channel their complaints and issues resolved amicably.

5.Use technology to track abusive relationships e.g.She-Box

6.Introduce men-as allies at the workplace where men are given the task to check for such practices and report to management

7.Ensure that staff found wanting are dealt with to avoid a repeat of such behaviours

8.Implement an employee mentoring system to ensure a positive workplace

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Thanks for your time. If you have other suggestions on how organisations can effectively prevent workplace abuse or eliminate it in total, please feel free to share with us

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