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I am Fatima, your favorite author, blogger and motivational speaker. Having talked about Aisha, the bride to be. I wish to tell you that as a woman, one of the main reasons for taking this blogging profession is to relate with and share experiences and stories with women on issues that affect us most; gender-based violence in all its ramifications; family; parenting; relationship management and more.

Having debated with Mohannad on the issue of choice vs destiny, I finally enquired where he thinks my strengths as a woman lies. He said, I think you have a lot of stories; sad ones that you can share with women across cultures, and assist them.  He added ”You have a very rich story to share with others; you know that life’s best stories are not the happily ever after types. They are the ones that end up the way yours end up most of the time. I just smiled and quietly moved over to Amal in the bedroom where she lied quietly making a phone call.

I asked her the same question, and surprisingly, she said, “You are very good at critical thinking? And I sincerely think you can make a very good motivational speaker, a teacher; and a helper for other women build their self-esteem amongst other things

That is exactly what this blog represents and stands for.

Please stay tuned for our first topic of discussion on issues that affect us, women and how best we can navigate these challenges.

See you shortly,

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