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I am sure, you will be wondering my obsession with DisneyWorld. I am very passionate about Disney, their stories, their characters and many other things.

As an author, I find so many connections in their stories, their characters, and other things. My most favorite of them all is ”Rapunzel’ or ‘Rapponce’ or ‘The Tangled’.

The first I watched the movie, ‘Tangled’, was in 2010, in Paris where I was doing a doctoral programme. I was passing by and I saw people queuing up for the movie. I checked in to see. And ended up buying a ticket for it. The Cinema was very close to the hotel where I was staying. That was my first time being to a cinema (please don’t laugh).

I watched the French version, ‘Rapponce’ but could quickly connect with the character and her situation. I was able to identify with her, her innocence, inner beauty, and her mum too reminded me of someone very close and dear to my heart.

I watched the movie again (in English), but I could not get enough, I came back the third time before reaching a level of satisfaction.

I remember, while I was in my University days, a lady used to call me ”Rapunzel’ because I used to have a very long hair and a nice figure. 2010, was a year of discovery for me, of discovering my real self. It was the year, I discovered amazon, createspace and the Kindle Publishing Tool (later).

It was then that I knew how close she was to the truth.

Thanks, Disney for bringing such a wonderful character alive.

Thanks for helping connecting to the Child within me. And to my real self.

Thanks for being here. If you like this post, please leave your comments below please.

Kind regards

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