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In our previous posts,we have talked about introvertedness and what it entails. Here we are going to go a bit deeper by analysing the upside of being an introvert:

1.Introverts think through ideas and take time to process information before passing judgement. This makes a good case for goods analytics and attention to detail

2.Introverts prefer solitude over togetherness or team work. However, the good thing is that solitude is an anecdote for emotional maturity, triggers creativity and innovativeness.

3.Introverted people tend to be more focused in their work than extroverts who enjoy the freedom and liberty of mingling with others and trying so many things.

4. Introverts are often highly talented people and exhibit greater leadership potentials

5.Introverts make great listeners.

6.They are calm and able to handle today’s stressful workplace more effectively

7.They bring more diversity to workplaces.

8.They make valuable contributions to the table. Back in the 2000’s, a colleaque of mine who happens to be highly introverted, hardly speaks during management meetings.  But whenever, he opens his mouth to make any contribution, management always cant help but make it part of organisational policy.

9.Some of the world’s best leaders are introverted in nature. Example, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, Einstein, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc

Do you have  any known or observed upside to tis personality trait?Please share with us below.

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