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Writing Contest 1-The Aftermath

Millions of children all over the world are affected by war, conflict, violence, physical harm, danger, exploitation, fear, and loss. Many witness the death of loved ones, forced to take up arms while many are forced to flee. While many communities….. Readmore via Https;//www.fatimakoise.com.ng/blog

Writing Contest2

Topic: No to Cyberbullying With the recent advancement in technology, millions of teens all over the world could be at risk of cyberbullying or might have experienced cyber-bullying? The Challenge: The challenge is to create a 500-1000 word short story….. Readmore via Https;//www.fatimakoise.com.ng/blog

Why children need time away from social media by Fatima Koise

….. passionate about my new blog and blogging about issues that affect children all over the world. One of such is the impact of social media on the lives of children….. Readmore via Https;//www.fatimakoise.com.ng/blog

October-What a Special Month to the World

Hello everyone, October is the Tenth Month of the Year in the Gregorian calendar and the eighth month in the Roman calendar. It is linked commonly with the autumn season and spring in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. October is…. Readmore via Https;//www.fatimakoise.com.ng/blog

Which is Your Favorite Disney Story/Character?

Hello Everyone, I think in my previous blog posts, I have shared with you my passion for the Disney World. Today, I wish to share with you my most favorite Disney Character. And why? My favorite Disney Character is Rapunzel…. Readmore via Https;//www.fatimakoise.com.ng/blog

Which is your favorite Disney Character/Story2

Hello there, I am sure, you will be wondering my obsession with DisneyWorld. I am very passionate about Disney, their stories, their characters and many other things. As an author, I find so many connections in their stories, their characters…. Readmore via Https;//www.fatimakoise.com.ng/blog

My Disneyland Experience

Hello There, Thanks for dropping by. My visit to the Disney Park in Paris, France brought back a lot of childhood memories. It was in the year, 2010. I was privileged to be there while doing my Studies. With me were….Readmore via Https;//www.fatimakoise.com.ng/blog

Why I write for kids

Hello everyone, As an author, I have chosen to start writing for children. Why, you may ask? Reasons are: 1- I love kids. I look forward to having my own one day. Though I currently live with my ”daughter, she…..Readmore via Https;//www.fatimakoise.com.ng/blog

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