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Twitter’s recent announcement that it was rolling out its new 280-character limit to all users, after testing the feature with some select accounts back in September means that you can now send 280 character tweets. While many people may look at it as a good gesture. However, many people, particularly, writers, look at the action from a very different perspective. Twitter has affirmed its position of helping its user become more creativity.

I personally always felt constrained by the character limitation and happy with the increase? But, some users prefer the economics of words that twitter provides them with the 140 character..

According to the Renowned and Best Selling Author of Harry Porter, J.K.Rowling: “Twitter has destroyed its USP (Unique Selling Point). The whole point, for me, was how inventive people could be within that concise framework.”

What is your take on the recent move by twitter? Please share with us and comment below.
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