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When under the threat of a bully, here are a few tips to try out to effectively with the threat.

1.Try to understand your own role in the game-Many times, the bullied individuals unknowingly put forward a persona, a dysfunctionality or fragile nature that the bully easily identifies and tries to quickly engage you in his game. He quickly makes you a prey and tries to suck the energy out of you. You need to work on your own personality to identify areas where you need to change and make improvements.

2.Know that the bully is already down and is trying to pull you down with him or her. Therefore it is always important to always display a professional attitude and never allow yourself to stoop to the bully’s level or allow him to drag you down.

3.Confide in someone-By telling someone you trust, you can relieve yourself from the burden of being imprisoned by the bully and probably get a solution to deal with it.

4.Confront the bully-Find a space alone within the work place with the bully and explain how his behaviour is imapcting negatively on you. Listen more. Show him that other people are also watching and have questioned why he behaves this way. Listen and observe his reactions

5.Read book on emotional intelligence. You can offer the bully a copy.

6.Seek help-Before things escalate to the highest level, find someone worthy of trust in the workplace and in Human Resources, seek help.

7.Seek professional help-A lot of help exist both online and offline in helping you dealing effectively with workplace bullying. You can hire a counselling psychologist or a therapist to help you deal with the situation rather than doing it on all your own.

8.Voice it all out-Write constructively to Human Resource and report the issues you are experiencing. You might be saving the organisation a lot of pain in the future. Probably, you may not be the only person experiencing the bullying. Voicing out could assist you deal with the issue and get a solution. However, this depends on the organisational culture.

9.Use Technology-Some apps do exist in some countries to assist women deal with workplace bullying (e.g.She-Box). She-Box is an Online Complaint Management System launched by Smt Maneka S.Gandhi for working women to file in complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace.

10.Find a strategic exit point

The bully will never stop in his pranks until the day you leave the workplace or he does. Thus, when the bullying gets too excessive, you may have to weigh all the options and if no solution exists, find a good exit point.

11.Research your future work place

The next time, you find yourself in an interview or when contemplating leaving the workplace, please endeavor to research the future work place, understand their organisational culture before you plunge into another roller-coaster of workplace bullying or drama.

Have you experienced any ill-treatment in the workplace deliberately targeted to ensure that your happiness at work is ruined? please share your experiences with us below. Your story might be the help someone is looking for or might set the stage for a global action to end this crime against humanity

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