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As an African author, a storyteller, and a business strategist, I am passionate about building a community that helps young African women through storytelling and sharing build their brands and achieve their professional dreams.

Our Values

We are committed to helping smart and ambitious young African women and businesses brand themselves both online and offline, achieve their goals, and assist uplift the African Brand.

Part of our vision is to promote Africa and Africans through story telling, uplift our local talent by identifying and partnering with promising African experts and practitioners thereby  assisting and providing a platform for our young female brands to grow

We can achieve this by delivering the best personal, career and business branding opportunities and content focused on Africa

If you are a young African Female professional, wishing to improve your brand or help others build theirs by sharing your story, then this page is for you.

We need stories that inspire and motivate others to live the best version of themselves; how to excel in a male-dominated world.

We will be glad to hear from you. If interested to share your brand with, please send me an email via koise2017@gmail.com

See you next time

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