In a far away land called Shumbaland, there lived a pretty girl named Sumayya. Sumayya is the only daughter of her parents. Sumayya was married to a man who mistreated her for many years.

 One day, Sumayya decide to leave.  She packed her bags to her parent’s house.

“What happened to you,  my daughter. Why are you at home?” Her mother enquired

“Mama, it is the king. He sent me packing out of his house.” She replied

“Don’t worry when your father comes, he will know what to do.” Her mother said.

Sumayya’s father travelled to the neighbouring village in search of means of livelihood. Sumayya then stayed for a couple of days with her mother and younger brother.

Emaad returned from his trip and met his daughter crying due to the torture she had in her husband’s house.

The following day, the king came looking for her.

“Your daughter has been pretending to be sick. She is very lazy and doesn’t like to work on the farm. She has also refused to give me a child.” He said

Sumayya’s father took exception in the king’s utterances. Even though he is a king, and they are poor, it does not give him the audacity to insult his daughter.

“But, children are from God. My daughter cannot give what she does not have.” Sumayya’s father replied

“I know but…” The king continued

“Look, if children are the issue, I want to advise that you pray to God to provide for you. He is the best provider.

Sumayya’s father turned to his daughter saying:

“My daughter, please go back to your matrimonial home. Be patient, please. Don’t allow all those women to ruin your marriage.” He advised.

“Okay, dad.” Sumayya said

 “You will follow your husband tomorrow back to your house. I don’t want to hear any complaint, again.” He said

The king was very angry with Sumayya thinking that she might have exposed their marital problems.

 Sumayya slept in her mother’s room while the king was given the visitors room.

 In the middle of the night, the king got up from his sleeping place, brought out a sword. He moved towards the room where Sumayya slept with her mother and their dog.

As soon as he approached the hut, the dog began to bark. This made the king to return to his room.

About an hour later, the king went back again. The dog started barking again. This continued till the break of dawn.

The next day, Sumayya and her husband were escorted to the junction of the seas by the mother, her brother, and their dog. The dog barked continuosly.

The king started moving towards a road unknown to his wife.

“This is the road to Amana Village.” Sumayya said

“No, I am the king. I know better.’ He said

“Let us go this way.” He added

Upon the king’s insistence, she followed him until they reached the end of the road. The king then brought out a staff and hit her on the head.

Sumayya fell down unconscious. He then brought out the sword and tried to cut her neck off. Suddenly, an eagle appeared from the blues. It pushed the king away from Sumayya.  The king got up and reached out to Sumayya again. The bird began flapping its wings and pushed him away from Sumayya. The King started running. He ran as the bird went after him.

The king ran for several hours in fear for his life. He reached the end of the town and fell unconsciously. Night had also approached by then.

 The king slept till midnight. He got up and started running again. He reached a village called Natsira and went towards a hut. He saw a woman tendering to her animals.

“I need your assistance, please. I am a shepherd. I was attacked by armed robbers and my cattle were stolen. Please assist me. I just need a place to sleep. I will leave first thing tomorrow.” He said

The woman looked at him. There was blood all over his clothes. She fetched water from a pot and gave him. He drank and washed his face with the remaining.

The woman went in and brought some clothes for him which he exchanged with his old ones. She gave him food to eat.

The king was shown where to rest his head till the following morning.

The following morning, the king left without even telling the woman of his departure. The king trekked his way to a village several kilometers away where his father lives. He disclosed to his father the crime he has committed. His father gave him some cowries and urged him to leave the village fast. The king found refuge in a village on a mountain far from the village.  He worked as a cattle rearer on a farm as a means of livelihood. He did not disclose his identity to anyone and used the name Usman to disguise himself.

Three years later, the king felt it is time for him to return back to his village. He left the mountain-side and travelled back to his village. He approached the marketplace and began to make enquiries. He covered his face to avoid being recognised by his people,

One fateful day, he met a man from Sumayya’s clan. He recognised the man but the man did not recognise him. He then began to enquire.

“How is life in your area?” he asked

“Life is fine.” The man replied

“How about the woman Sumayya?” He asked again

“Sumayya is married with two kids. She was almost killed by her ex-husband.” Came the reply

Morale of the story

  1. Everything in life has a purpose.
  2. Sumayya was saved by an eagle and a dog. Both were God’s plan to rescue her because she has an unfulfilled destiny.
  3. If God protects you, no one can hurt you.
  4. Whatever God has destined, no one can change it.
  5. One should always trust God in all that he or she does.
  6. One should always be kind and should think positive thoughts
  7. It is good to always respect our parents despite their status.



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