1.Hi, Fatima, so this is your 15th book within 12 months. What motivates you to write? 

1 am very passionate about writing. Since my childhood, I knew that I wanted to be a writer, write books and distribute to the world to make it a better place. I used to make small notebooks by folding a small piece of paper. I would scribble some things and keep. As I grew up, that passion was still burning, so I tried traditional publishing, but it didn’t work. I had many rejection cases, frustrations, sabotage here and there etc. I discovered Amazon in 2010 while in Paris for my Phd studies. I published a collection of stories. But could nt take it to the next level. I was so afraid of getting my real name out there (writer’s block I guess). I woke up one day and already time is gone, I am 43. I felt that the time is now. Thus, I had to unleash the books within.

2.What is the story behind the book, Bella, an African Cinderella Story?

The book is a re-telling of the Classic Cinderella Story with a global appeal. I wanted children all over the world to read and feel that they have been carried along in the story unlike in the ones that I have read, purely European.

3.Your books are usually multicultural in nature. What is the motivation for writing multi-cultural books for children?

I grew up with lots of books, Cinderella, Snowwhite and the 7 dwarfs, Little Red Riding Hood etc.

I look around me now and today’s kids don’t have such books, so I wanted to recreate them with some a global appeal and an African twist to it. For example, using cowries, and other things that African children and other kids around the world can identify with.

4.This is one of ten books about Princesses, any reason for that?

If you read many of the classic stories, Princesses are portrayed as white. Most of the Disney Princesses are of white origin and I wanted to make all the girls in the world feel like Princesses

5.What inspired you to write about Princesses? I was googling about Princesses one day, and I came across a website, The Rejected Princesses, most of them were white. The stories were mostly true Princesses, only two were of colored background, Queen Amina of Zazzau from Kano in Nigeria and a Queen from the Yoruba. And the information about them was a bit scanty. So, I wanted to re-create a collection of stories on African Princesses, even if they only existed in the realms of my imagination.

If you haven’t read the book: Bella, an African Cinderella Story, i recommend you buy it here and read it. The main characters in the story are: Bella, her stepmother, her two sisters and the Prince.

In the story, we found out that in a village in Africa, in the kingdom of Ella, there lived a girl named Bella whose mother died while she was giving birth to her.

 The father was very ashamed that Bella was a girl. He has done everything humanly possible to make sure his wife delivers a boy. He visited the sorcerers in the village for help. But, it turned out that Bella was a girl. 

What happens to Bella in the hands of her stepmother and two sisters? Can she survive? Will be kind? How will the story end? If you have read the book and have any questions, please let me know by asking me below or send an email with your questions.

I had a wonderful time writing and I sincerely hope that you also do enjoy readin.


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