“Who are we to put ourselves in the place of God, destroying the beauty of the planet God created? We cannot do that. Our duty is to protect the planet and bring it to the next generation in a better place than we inherited from our fathers and mothers,” Erik Solheim

Millions of children all over the world are affected by war, conflict, violence, physical harm, danger, exploitation, fear, and loss. Many witness the death of loved ones, forced to take up arms while many are forced to flee. While many communities are devastated and ripped apart, thereby unable to ensure the safety of lives and properties, schools and homes are damaged or taken over by armed groups leaving many parents and teachers highly displaced.

The overall effect of the war has a long-lasting effect on a country’s economy with indirect negative consequences on the environment, natural resources, the infrastructure, public health provision, and social order. These indirect consequences are often over-looked and highly under-appreciated.

The AfterMath is a contest based on a blend of art, science, journalism, aimed at improving the quality of life on the planet and reversing the effects of environmental degradation due to war, pollution, poor policy implementation amongst other things.

The Challenge: The challenge is to create a 500-1000 word short story on the effects of war and how the quality of lives on the planet can be improved.

You as authors, fiction writers, scientists, and policymakers are invited to cast your minds and imagine the planet decades from now (a decade up to 100 years into the future)—when the effects of war and environmental pollution has made clean fresh water and air more precious than silver and gold most especially in Africa.

You are expected to create compelling stories about the future of the earth and share the whole story with us on this blog with hashtag #Aftermath.

Submission guidelines:

1-Entries must be in English

2-Max-500-1000 words

3-Must be tagged #Aftermath

4-All entries must be received within the stipulated time

5-All entries must be submitted via our blog

6-Entry must be original, may not have been published elsewhere

The top ten selected stories will be featured on our website

Eligibility & restrictions: All countries and ages

Methods of entry: Through writing or commenting with hashtag #Aftermath

The best story/comment will be featured as a guest on our blog.

Content: 500-1000 words maximum


Length of the contest: 30 days

Start Date: 09.11.17

End Date:08.12.2017

Winning Criteria: Story with the most likes on facebook, twitter and Instagram

Announcement of the Winner: 31.01.2018

Location: All over the world and all ages

Time Zone: GMT


1-10 Best Write-Ups get posted on my blog

2-You get a follow on your blog;

3-The No. 1. Best writer gets featured on my blog as a guest

Judging: Founder/Sponsors

By partnering, or submission of write up, you agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the founders and or sponsors which is full and final.

Read and review our Terms of Service before submitting your contest to ensure that your contest doesn’t violate the rules.

Thanks for being here. And looking forward to receiving your entries.

See you next time



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