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My visit to the Disney Park in Paris, France brought back a lot of childhood memores. It was in the year, 2010. I was privileged to be there while doing my Studies. With me were my South African roommate, Sisanda and Saudi Arabian friend Maimuna.

The experience was magical. Having read books about Cinderella since the early 80’s, I was surprised when I saw the coach lying so beautifully as we walked past it, it felt so real like I have seen it before even though, it was my first time. The same when we tried taking pictures and shaking hands with Mickey Mouse. I felt like I was part of the Disney Family. That is exactly what books do to the soul of the reader. I might have been transported ‘literally’ without even knowing. No wonder the entire Disney world looked and felt so familiar.

Do you have any similar experiences that you can share here with us? Please do. We will be happy to have you share your story or experience of being ”literally” transported to a place, going there and feeling like home.

Have you ever been to the Disney World? Or wish to be there. What was your experience? Was it magical? Please share your experiences with us and comments.

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