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We are launching The Authors Show (Tash) effective December, 02,2017.The Show is an online author talk show where the host and guests talk about books,,publishing and life as an author.

The TASH is more than just a show in the real sense of the word.  It is a book marketing program (pictures,audio or video) which offers authors (newbies or otherwise) who are serious about marketing their books multiple benefits.

In the program, I will be interviewing fellow authors about the writing process, breaking into the publishing industry and also breaking the publishing rules.

If you are an author interested in the interview, please answer the following questions. However, please note that when submitting your interview request you agree to be added to our subscriber list for a guest spot on the show and to receive our occasional newsletter and/or show updates.  You can cancel at any time.

The Questions are:

Author name (as appears on the book cover):

Author name if different from one on the book cover:

Phone Number#:

Email Address:


Facebook page:

Twitter Page:

Instagram Page:

Interview preference: Written, Podcast, both etc

How did you hear about TASH?

Any Awards Won?Yes/No

Book title:


Book Genre: FictionNon-fiction

Book Format: E-book;Print,Audio etc

Available on :Amazon,Lulu etc

Publisher: Self or otherwise

If self-published, highlight medium:


Book Release Date

By submitting this, I hereby confirm:

1-Having read and understood that if I am selected as a for the program as a guest, the interview will be produced and broadcast by the producers for 24hrs at no cost to me. 2.A copy of the interview will be sent to me after the interview.

3.That the interview copies are available for a nominal fee

3.Participation in the extended Book/Author Marketing Program is completely optional


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