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Just to let you guys know that I will be offering Author/Book Interviews for free for some time. However, I wouldn’t be available for direct interviews. I will send you a number (maximum of 10) interview questions which you’re to respond to within 72 hours by email.

Hello everyone, and I am very passionate about reviewing and promoting books and authors, helping authors build their audience of avid readers.

If Interested? Please, send an email to

koise2017@gmail.com or info@fatimakoise.com.ng with a copy of your book (Genre [Fiction/Nonfiction], etc) attached to it, also attach your book cover. In the body of your email, please include a short author bio, photo (jpeg), book synopsis and author social networks (to connect with other readers).

Stay connected and have access to excellent posts on random issues, books, authors, publishing guides. Let us build a fantastic and strong community of readers and authors.

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See you next time

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