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We are launching a book club for kid (BCFK), a virtual club where young readers, parents, teachers, librarians and others meet to talk about a book, make a book recommendation

How to Be on the Book Club for Kids?

The easiest way to get involved on the Book Club for Kids is to:

Send us an email  at koise2017@gmail.com with details:

Hi, my name is – (first and second name only please)

I live in – (City,State and Country please)

My favorite book is – (Tell us the name of your favorite book)

This is because – (Give us the reason why you love this book)

Keep it short and brief please.

And please, kindly include your contact information!

Authors are welcome to join and upload their upcoming books details here.

Other kids book clubs are also invited to join by sending us an emaill on koise2017@gmail.com and make their book recommendations

Thanks for being here. See you at the other side

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