The story

Bella is an innocent princess orphaned at birth and living with her adopted mother, a very wicked and evil Queen. The Queen secretly harbors fear that Bella is going to be more beautiful than her. Thus, she decides to enquire from her magicians gods as to who is the “Most Beautiful of them all.

” Everytime, she throws the cowries and the gourds, they reveal to her that the person lives right under her roof.

The Queen decides to force Bella to work as a maid and asks her Magic Mirror daily “who is the most beautiful one of all”. For several years the magicians answer that the girl living with her as her daughter is the one.

One day, she invited all the magicians of the land to tell her about the most beautiful of the all.

The magicians afraid of the consequences of their revelations, decided to say just the opposite that the Queen is the most beautiful of them all.

The Queen was so happy. She gave each magician, ten goats, twenty yam tubers and cassava.

As soon as the magicians depart the Queen, one of the magicians would rather be on the side of the truth and be at peace with the gods than pay lip service to the Queen. He said:

“Bella is the most beautiful of them all.” The envious Queen gave an order that the magician be stoned to death or banned from the land forever.

She also orders that Bella be taken into the faraway forrest and killed. Another command came that after killing Bella, Bella’s head be brought to her as a testimony that she has been killed.

The Kingsmen could not bring themselves to kill an innocent and orphaned child.

They adviced Bella to disappear into the forrest and to never return to the land informing her of the order that the Queen gave them.

“Run into the dark forrest and never look back.”They said

Highly frightened, and confused, the princess ran into the thick rainforest.

What happens next? Pls find out in the preceeing chapter.


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