The hut actually is home to eleven small natured beings each about 20-30mm tall. The pigmies namely Malos, Yanga, Kolo, Mwada, Kanye, Juwul, Madu, Hagu, Manya, Sauri, and Godiya all go to the farm to work and earn a stipend. They live as slaves with no rights as their fellow human counterparts and no access to any medical or health facilities.

The pigmies returned home and found that their home has a human element to it. They have been at war with their fellow humans for lack of freedom. They all brought out their knives, cutlasses, hoes, and sticks. But saw an innocent, young girl attending to a hurt Rhino.

She quickly introduced herself and her friend the Rhino. Her friend was fast asleep. One of the pigmies touched the Rhino’s head and felt that it has a high temperature beyond the room temperature.

The pigmies quickly disarmed and welcomed Bella into their home which now looks sparkingly clean. Evert day, Bella prepares food for the pigmies and cleans the house while the Rhino ensures their safety and security from any intruding force.

While the pigmies go out farming at day, they all sing and dance nice African rhythms at night until sleep finally overtakes them.

Back in the land, although the magicians have delivered a fake head of Bella, she refuses to have a restful mind. The gourds and the cowries always reveal to her that Bella is alive and is still the most beautiful of them all.

The human head brought to her by the magicians actually belongs to a goat that the magicians made to appear in the Queens eyes as that of Bella’s. the Queen disguised herself as an old woman, took a poisoned fruit (cocoa) and headed to the forrest.

She travelled far and wide looking for Bella and hoping to find her and make her to eat the poisoned fruit so that Bella will go into a Coma forever, a Death Sentence and a curse, one that can only be broken by a “hug” from a Prince also cursed to death by an old witch. The Queen was bent on burying Bella alive. She went to the hut, met Bella and pleaded for a place to rest her head. At that time, the pygmies were far from home deep in the forrest.

What happens to Bella, please find out in the next chapter



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