Several hours later, Bella and the Rhino reached a dessert. The sun was at its peak, and the winds were blowing from the westward direction lifting her long beautiful Ankara gown. She observed that the Rhino looked away.

As they journeyed on towards a water-like body, Bella was thirsty but the closer they got the more distant the water-like body seemed.

It was actually a reflection of the rays from the sun disguised as water (mirage).

Bella and the Rhino found an isolated house deep in the shores of the land.

The house belongs to some short-natured creatures (pigmies). They found their way through the main entrance into the sitting room. There seems to be no one in the house.

In the house was a solar-powered refrigerator, inside which is a bread made of wheat, a cassava tuber, and neem leaves.

The house looked unkempt and empty. Suddenly, they heard the snoring sound of a human-like figure except for its dwarf-nature.


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