Becoming an author is an interesting yet a daunting task. It takes a lot of sweat, hard work, patience and talent. Although many people dream of writing a book and having it published, however, only a few successfully have their books published.

Many times, when you inquire about becoming an author, they tell you to google various directories, find a literary agent, send query letters, and wait only to be rejected like I have experienced. You send a letter with a short bio about yourself and your book, telling them how you found them, etc . You continue searching various directories while waiting for a response from the agent. Many times, you might get rejected. And if you are so lucky to get an agent, they will have to help you find a publisher to agree to publish your book. Within this period, the agent will insist that you might not have published your book elsewhere.

I differ on this and find this process very, very cumbersome and out of vogue for a writer in this 21st century and digital world. As a newbie writer, you face a lot of difficulties, rejections, and frustrations. You have to find a good cover, get an ISBN, a reviewer and an almighty publisher.

As a newbie author, I have been through it all. And I can tell you that it is a daunting task. I was very happy when in 2010, I came across Amazon Stores, Kindle Publishing and Create-Space. That was when I knew that the road to getting published has been made easier for me and many other authors in similar shoes. All I needed to do was to dedicate my time to writing, follow my passion and have my story out there and my voice heard.

This is one of the beauties of being in a digital world and the difference between analog and digital. At that time, I had faced a lot of frustrations, looking for people to review my books, and getting frustrated all the time.

As soon as I migrated to the digital platform, I became a self-published author with access to even the print copies (hybrid publishing). And also various writing communities, book clubs, blogs, and other platforms. I became in charge of my career as a writer and the driver behind the wheel. I have 17 self-published books and still writing.

Whatever choice you make in your journey as an author or an aspiring one, good luck and have fun!

What is your own publishing journey? What are the pitfalls you have encountered? What advice do you have for other writers?

Please do keep me posted on your journey.



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