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It is me your favorite author. It is 10.57pm here at my end. Our topic of discussion is on Choices Vs Destiny. Which do you believe in more?

About an hour ago, I had a very long conversation or rather debate with my nephew, Mohannad about choices in life. It was the three of us, myself, himself and Amal both of them in their late twenties.

Mohammed has been wanting to get married for the past six years of his life but his parents think otherwise. Mohannad recounted the number of girls, he has brought home and the same number of times, he got a capital ‘No’ Response.

While Mohammed insisted that life is filled with choices, Amal and I continued to argue that our choices in life are limited.

I argued that if we had choices, we would have been able to choose where we come from, our faith, the person we marry etc. He, on the hand, insisted that we are unable to end up wherever we want simply based on our choices. We got into the tradition of betrothal and how it limits, girls choices, and why parents feel they must be the ones to chose for their children life partners as obtains in the Arab world.

Putting back the question to Mohammed, I asked him if where he currently works is his choice or destiny, he insisted that it was a choice he made. He re-affirmed his stand that whatever, we are going through is a function of the consequences of our decision.

We brought up the issue of Aisha, Amal’s bride to be and the groom. That Aisha had no intention of getting married to her fiancee, but her mother insisted that she must get married to him, even if she will go in today and come out tomorrow, i.e.get divorced the next day. The same thing lots of mothers do over here.

Why would a mother do such to her daughter, marriages are meant to last forever not a one-day affair. Why can’t parents be more concerned about the happiness of their children than societal concerns?

On another hand, Mohannad insists that Aisha still has a choice, to run away before the day of the wedding. Since, she is stuck in there, it means that she already has taken a position.Thus, should be ready to face all the consequences of that decision.

The issue of choice vs destiny, to me, is a very complicated issue. I think we are given choices in life on the non-core issues. But, the main issues in life like, where we come from; when we are born, who our parents are, when we die, where we die and get buried are areas we do not have control over. This was the area that we all had a uniform opinion on.

Sometimes, our choices might be influenced by other forces outside of us; the process to get to the choice destination amongst other things.

Do you believe that the world is full of choices, that we are free to choose the direction of our lives; that life is a product of our own decisions? Or do you believe that we are each part of a great master plan i.e destiny, meaning that there are greater forces defining the story of our lives?

Do you think that our unique journeys have more personal meaning when we choose it for ourselves?

Please leave your comments below on where you stand regarding our today’s topic, choices vs destiny.

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