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You have finally completed writing. You have the editing and re-editing. You feel relieved that you have unleashed the book within and you feel happy. Good! But, then, you will realise that the publishing journey is just about to commence. As a newbie author, you are going to need to market or promote your book to the target audience. This can be a daunting task with over a million books published every year,

You have two route to this, you either go through the process by printing brochures, contacting bookstores, and doing it online or you look for people who specialise in the profession (publicists).

You have to start on a budget and plan for the promotion first. Below are some tips for you to promote your books:

1.Set a Pre-order for your book-This allows readers to know about the book even before it gets published.Amazon allows you to do that.

2.Book launch-You can choose a date to launch your book, invite target readers, media, and others and create the necessary publicity for your book or books.

3.Set up a blog or a website to promote your books: This depends on your budget. But, it is good for readers to be able to find your books.

4.Giveaways-You can give some copies of your books to readers as a giveaway either on Goodreads or Amazon. This creates publicity for your book and lets your name and book get the attention it deserves

5-Social Media Presence: You can develop a social media page on twitter, facebook, and Instagram to promote and link your page so that readers can find your books. Don’t forget to leave a buynow button

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6-Social media marketing-Facebook , twitter, instagram and goodreads provide ample opportunity for you to market your books depending on your budget

7.Join bookclubs-There are many book clubs in existence both online and offline that you can join, learn, get noticed and promote your books. Join discussion groups on linkedin, goodreads etc

8.Author Shows-Get on tv,radio or online author shows. You can set up your own podcast, online radio or web tv, develop content e.g.invite other authors to talk about books

9.Offer a service: You can decide to offer a service for others either for a fee or for free to get your name out there. Services such as book reviews, author interviews etc.

10.Learn and re-learn the whole process.

Hope you have learnt a thing or two from the above tips for getting your books promoted.

Please share with us your experiences along your publishing journey.

Thanks and see you at the other side

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