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Having talked about what gender-based violence is, my next topic is on the tell-tell signs of gender-based violence. This is to assist you to determine when you or a loved one is involved or at risk of being in an abusive relationship.

You or a loved one may be in a gender-based violence or an abusive relationship if your partner does any of the following or a combination of them:

1.Gets Angry easily-Your partner gets Becomes when you have demonstrated an opinion different from his or hers or when you don’t take his advice

b-He or she blames all his or her past relationship problems on you or his ex.

c-Blames you for his problems or behavior

d.Criticizes you often, your appearances, weight, clothes, etc.

e-Demonstrates ownership of you or possessiveness; saying things like “I want to own you,” or “I can’t live without you,” or “You are my world,” or “I would die without you.”

f.Hides his past relationships from you

g. Shows violent behavior towards other women or other people

h.Tries to dictate your behaviors, company that you keep, and or opinions

i.Forces you to have sex with him

j.Has a history of domestic violence in his previous relationships

k.Humiliates you publically

l.Controls your financial spending, economically tries to disempower you

m.Has little or no regard for your physical or mental health

n.Leaves you feeling isolates or insulated that is he does not allow you to see your family, or loved ones

o. Tries to insist that you constantly spend all of your free time with him

p.Puts pressures on you to live together or get married even before you are ready

r.Will not allow you enjoy your or in other extreme cases, forces you to work

s.Shows some level of ill-feeling or jealousy towards you, your family,children, friends or job

t.Instills fear in you of ever trying to end the relationship

u.Forces you to abort your pregnancy

v.Keeps trail of your whereabouts

w.Is too suspicious of you and demands explanation on your whereabouts

If any of the above symptoms, exists in your marriage or relationship, you may be at risk of being violated. Try to seek help, both online and offline before the situation degenerates. A lot of help exists for people under these cirsumstances

Please share your comments below if youexperiece any of these signs or any of your loved ones does.

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