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As an author, I have chosen to start writing for children. Why, you may ask? Reasons are:

1- I love kids. I look forward to having my own one day. Though I currently live with my ”daughter, she was named after me. She is just three years old. Her parents are separated and I couldn’t sit still and watch her live all by herself, without a mother. The mother left in anger and probably to spite the father, she left her and her three other siblings.

2-I grew up with lots of children’s books since childhood. I had the privilege of having read, Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood. These books have shaped me as an individual. And I try to re-tell some of these stories in a way that our children all over could connect with the stories. I tried to introduce characters that are of African Heritage and if a child from Asia or US, reads, he or she can connect very easily with the stories.

3-As a child growing up, I used to be called the “Smiling baby” because I was the happy child, always smiling. I had all the love I could get from my parents. Everything seemed perfect. With the demise of my father, in 1989, my entire world came crashing. Eversince, that inner happiness and glow just died down. My father encouraged me to read books and always applauded me because I always came home with excellent grades.

4-I have always loved the idea of a story taking one to a magical world or a place where all things are possible. By reading some of my books, kids, parents or others that have never been to Africa can easily connect with and feel transported to Africa.

5-As a child, my parents tried to inculcate a lot of values into us, values of love, humility, resilience, and empathy etc. These are values I hold dear, and weave into my stories.

6-I have always been fascinated by stories, most especially the type that takes you into unbelievable places or worlds where the impossible becomes possible, where dreams always come true and the happily ever after type. These are things I also weave into my stories.

7-Writing for children keeps me connected to the child in me, my playful and creativity side

8-It makes me want to relate to some of the ”lost childhood” moments I might have had. I wish to connect to children all over the world, give them hope, share some of the values I had growing up and just get world into a new world. The way, I was taken into an entirely different world with my visit to the Disney World, Paris with all the magical experiences that it brought. This is what I try to give to children-my main target.

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