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We are in the 21st century, and a truly digital world, thus the need for kids to learn digital skills can never be over-emphasized. Below are the ten digital skills today’s children need to face the challenges/ demands of a digital world and become digitally savvy or intelligent. These skills are divided into eight interconnected areas as follows:

1.Digital Citizenship-Is the child’s ability to use technology responsibly, ethically and with humilty, turn ideas into real-life scenarious.

2.Digital Creativity-Children need be able to create useful content

3.Digital Intelligence-Kids need the ability to manage their identity, persona, and online presence

5.Digital Use-This refers to the kid’s ability to learn, and master the use of digital tools, and to also maintain a good balance being online and offline.

6.Digital Security-A child’s ability to identify risky contents such as spam, malware, and use safe digital tools online is what this term refers to.

7.Digital Safety-This refers to the kids ability to identify risks such as cyberbullying; pornographic materials; and radical ideologies.

8.Digital literacy: This refers to competency/knowledge in identifying, assessing, and sharing good content

9.Digital Communication: Kids require the need to communicate with others and also share content using digital tools and media

10-Digital emotional intelligence-Refers to the ability of a kid to show empathy, kindness and also build rapport with others

11.Digital rights-When children lack knowledge of their digital rights, digital privacy and safety, then they become more prone to abuse by others and also the risk of being bullied online

12:Digital entrepreneurship: Innovativeness is a watchword for children to enable children bring about positive change technologically, socially and in the business sense.

Mastering the above skills will enable kids become better leaders of the future and to also imbibe values of respect, humility, and integrity. Children will also learn to be masters of technology and not victims of same.

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