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I am very passionate about blogging and a little curious to discover what keep fellow bloggers keeping on in the blogging profession. If you are a blogger like my humble self, kindly reply to the following questions please:

1.What do you enjoy blogging about?

2.For how long have you been blogging?

3.Why do you blog?

4.How long does it take you to write a blog post?

5.How many times on the average do you blog per week?

6.How much time on the average do you spend blogging per week?

7.Where do you get your inspiration for your blog post from?

8.Do you guest post for other blogs/online media?

9.Do you allow guest posting on your site?

10.Do you comment on other peoples’ blogs?

11.How often do you comment on other peoples’ blogs?

You can send the answers via this blog post, and if interested in making a living off your blogging, please subscribe on my blog via this page, join our blogger and brand community for free, get noticed by others and receive blogging assignments.

Thanks for your time and see you next time.

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